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How to Install a Dam Buster Rainhead

With no cutting of overflow slots, no hassles with positioning and thanks to the patented Box Gutter Seal, not even having to cut the rainhead back out to connect to the box gutter, Russell explains how quick and easy it is to install the engineered and fully compliant Dam Buster rainhead.

NOTE 1: Dam Buster series 2 and 3 rainheads no longer have secondary overflow holes in the front face as seen in this How To Video, however this does not impact performance or certification in any way.  

NOTE 2: All Dam Buster Series 3 rainheads also have silicone sandwiched between the lap joints during factory fabrication, however still require extra silicone to be applied internally to rivets, corners and seams by the plumber (on site) to ensure water tightness. 

Dam Buster rain heads feature on Australia By Design Innovations, Series 2, Network 10 Australia

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