The Dam Buster Rainhead

This amazing Australian designed and made rainhead, is quite simply the best rainhead available anywhere in the world today.  Period. 

Providing effortless performance, the Dam Buster rainhead is an incredibly easy to install,  great looking, top quality product that actually works straight out of the box.  It can be used with absolute confidence anywhere from tropical areas to deserts and everywhere in between. 

Simply determine the 1:100 year ARI flow rate for the roof being serviced, then select the correctly sized rainhead and downpipe combination from the Design Tables in the Installation Manual which you can find here at Technical Downloads.

While they might be cheap, fitting non-conforming and untested roof drainage products creates a totally unacceptable risk of internal building flooding during even modest storm conditions.  If in doubt, ask your current rainhead supplier for a copy of the hydraulic engineers conformance documentation for their product along with Evidence of Suitability to comply with the National Construction Code (NCC).  All of this certification critical information is easily downloadable from the Dam Buster website at Select And Downloads.

For Architects and Designers, Dam Buster rain heads will substantially minimise the visual impact of box gutters on the form of a building by making the rain head size as small as possible while still ensuring 100% reliability when it matters. The extremely high performance of all Dam Buster rainheads in the overflow condition provides additional safety not offered by any other commercially available rainheads. 

If you'd like to find out more about our award winning rain heads, please read our Further Information page.

Now recognized across the country and protected by various Australian and International Patents, Dam Buster rainheads won a coveted Australian Good Design Award in 2018 and were also featured on Australia By Design Innovations Series 2, 10 Network Australia, 2018.



Models are available to suit all box gutters from 200mm up to 600mm wide.  A unique adapter device (available at extra cost) also adjusts to odd box gutter sizes if required. 

Every Dam Buster has independent hydraulic engineer certified overflow capacity of at least 16 litres per second. 

Naturally Dam Buster rain heads must be correctly sized according to the roof area using the 1:100 year ARI for the location of installation, and also used in conjunction with correctly sized downpipes and box gutters.  Please consult our Technical Downloads page for more information. 

Because each Dam Buster rain head is a piece of engineering excellence and certified model by model, unfortunately we do not make custom sizes, however our engineers can adjust some aspects of our design for customised purposes for architects or unique building designs without compromising the fundamental hydraulic operations and certification.  Please Contact Us for more information about this, including pricing.


Standard Range:  Zincalume is the standard material in all sizes between 200mm and 600mm. Colorbond colours are also available in the same range (some on special order), plus all Dam Buster products can be easily powder coated at extra charge to any colour in the Dulux range including all Colorbond colours.

Custom Order: Stainless steel 304, stainless steel 316 marine, Corten steel, copper etc.  Almost any flat metal can be used to suit your personal project requirements - ask us for a quote. 


Contemporary, Traditional or Round Fronted designs are available to suit your individual requirements.  

Our optional top trim piece also provides a more traditional appearance and is simply fixed over the top of the contemporary rain head by the installing plumber (not available for curved front models). 

For maximum flexibility, Dam Buster rain heads can also be specially ordered with flat back panels to suit eves gutter installations.

Curved front option

Looks Fantastic

Curved front option - Looks Fantastic
Top view

With Decorative Trim Piece Fitted

Top view - With Decorative Trim Piece Fitted
Looks great installed
Looks great installed

Cheap Rainheads = Disaster - Don't end up like this home owner - a single non-conforming rainhead caused this massive mess.
Cheap Rainheads = Disaster

Don't end up like this home owner - a single non-conforming rainhead caused this massive mess.

Easy Compliance

DAM BUSTER rainheads meet or exceed the performance and overflow requirements of AS/NZS 3500.3, SA-HB39 and SA-HB114.  Compliance is achieved either as Deemed to Satisfy by Expert Judgement (based on Dam Buster's extensive and freely downloadable technical information) or else by means of a Performance Solution which also utilizes Dam Buster's extensive technical information. 

NOTE: These requirements may vary according to the state or territory of installation, so all products should be installed by a licenced professional. 

This absolutely unique product protects buildings from flooding internally due to over topping or back flooding of box gutters in severe storm conditions, and the ingenious design also ensures a 100% leak free seal between the box gutter and the rain head.  All Dam Buster rain heads enable high but entirely safe flow rates during normal operation, and this combined with the amazing overflow capacity make them the obvious choice to protect any building and the valuable contents within it.    

For the Architect, Engineer, Builder, Plumber or Building Certifier, Dam Busters are very high performance, conforming roof plumbing products which can be selected and installed very easily and with absolute confidence. 

Australian design winner 2018
Australian design winner 2018


Fully and independently engineer tested to the limit of Australian Standards and far beyond, Dam Busters are  a totally unique Australian invention and the biggest worldwide step forward in rain head design for well over 100 years.  Give them a go - you won't look back. 



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