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Do the job once and never have to worry about it again.  Our leading edge range of precision rainheads, sumps and direction change devices provide integrated, compliant, sensible, fast, environmentally responsible and economical roof drainage solutions for just about any situation.  

With enormous built in storm resilience guaranteed, Dam Buster products provide absolutely unmatched and fully engineered performance when it matters - especially during climate extremes and uncertainty. 

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Are Dam Busters Expensive??

Absolutely not.  Our fully conforming, top quality products can typically be bought for the same or less money than the rubbish ones available everywhere else. As a bonus, our products are normally much easier and faster to install, and in most cases they just 'plug and fit'.  And let's not forget that if there's nothing to go wrong and the job's fully compliant, you won't get any call-backs, problems with regulators, nor potential insurance and legal claim disasters. Box gutter drainage problems are easily solved by using Dam Buster products. 

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Got a Direction Change Problem?

Have a look at our design examples which can be found at our Change Of Direction Solutions page

Been offered a Dam Buster 'fake' like these lately?

Unfortunately some people have taken it upon themselves to try and copy our unique, patented products, rather than do the right thing and buy genuine ones.  This is usually because those people think there are no consequences, but that is not the case at all.  Where products have not been manufactured by or with authority from Dam Buster, the manufacture, purchase, installation or use of the products is an infringement of Intellectual Property rights and will result in very significant consequences. 

For all stakeholders, fakes take numerous shortcuts, but also come with no supporting technical information or Evidence of Suitability to satisfy the requirements of the National Construction Code.  This means if you get caught with one, you are absolutely and totally on your own.  All of those products will instantly be deemed non-compliant by any regulatory authority or independent plumbing expert in Australia, and could even invalidate your  insurance.  Some of the fakes we have seen are also very dangerous for the end user and have the potential to inflict extremely serious lacerations during routine maintenance.  It's just not worth the substantial risks and reputational damage.

All players in the roofing industry have a very important role to play in making sure roof drainage is fully compliant and safe.  Building Surveyors are now on the lookout for non-conforming products and also have the power to completely stop a build at any time.  And the regulators are also on the war path. 

We welcome all information about any potential unauthorised copies of our products.  Any reports will be treated in the strictest confidence.  You can Contact Us Here.


A huge change was made to rainheads under SA HB 39 effective 30 July 2021.  This means that any rainhead installed after this date that does not conform with the updated standards is now deemed non-compliant. Read more here at the official Victorian Building Authority page:

Want to Join the Dam Buster Revolution?

Everything we make is uniquely 100% Australian invented, designed, engineered, certified and made in Melbourne from tough Aussie Bluescope Steel.  We are also 100% Australian owned and operated. 

We are actively looking for quality licensees in all States and Territories of Australia to manufacture our world beating products. If you are interested, please Contact Us for more information or visit our Legal page.

2018 AUSTRALIAN GOOD DESIGN WINNERDam Buster Rain HeadPlumbing and Building Products


Dam Buster Rain Head

Plumbing and Building Products

All Dam Buster Rain Heads are independently certified by the AHSCA Research Foundation

All Dam Buster Rain Heads are independently certified by the AHSCA Research Foundation

Happy Customer Andrew's Story

"We've just used Dam Buster's beautiful rainheads on a recent residential project. As an architect and builder we're often struggling to find the balance between form and function and these rainheads do exactly that. They're an elegant design and we love the generously sized concealed overflow. We're very happy with the quality of the product - it feels robust, it's accurately built, and the spare backing plate was a handy allowed for easy on-site modifications to suit an oddly shaped gutter. Thanks guys!"  Andrew Carter, Carter Gibbs Pty Ltd, Brisbane

After the extreme 2022 Brisbane storms, Andrew sent us another review: "Your rainheads performed beautifully in Brisbane's crazy amount of rain a couple of weeks back. :)"


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