Christmas/New Year Closure 2023/24

The Dam Buster team will be taking a break from close of business on Wednesday 20 December.  We will reopen on Wednesday 10 January 2024.

Most if not all of our authorised licensees will also be closed during the break, so please get all orders in as early as possible to avoid disappointment and possible delays. 

We wish all of our customers past and present a safe, enjoyable Christmas and a Happy New Year 2024.

2018 AUSTRALIAN GOOD DESIGN WINNERDam Buster Rain HeadPlumbing and Building Products


Dam Buster Rain Head

Plumbing and Building Products

All Dam Buster Rain Heads are independently certified by the AHSCA Research Foundation

All Dam Buster Rain Heads are independently certified by the AHSCA Research Foundation

The Dam Buster Roof Drainage System

Top Quality Box Gutter Solutions That Actually Work!

Dam Buster's award winning, highly cost-effective, fully integrated range of precision rain heads, sumps and direction change devices provide a great looking, environmentally sound and simple solution for box gutter drainage on just about any residential or commercial building from Hobart to Darwin and everywhere in between.  

Designed to meet any 1% AEP (1:100 year) rainfall event, all Dam Buster products are easy to install, and provide absolutely unmatched real world performance and storm security when it matters.   

Now the top choice for all informed plumbers, builders, architects and designers, Dam Busters are the very best, highest performing and best quality roof drainage products available on the Australian market at any price - and our customers love them! 

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Dam Buster = 100% Right First Time

All our products fully meet all Conformance and Performance requirements of the National Construction Code plus AS3500.3, HB39 and HB114.  That means they can be installed with complete confidence anywhere in Australia. Read more HERE.

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HB39 underwent a major change on 30 July 2021.  From that date, all conventionally designed rainheads became non-conforming and non-compliant when used as DTS (Deemed to Satisfy) on box gutter systems.  Not to worry though - Dam Buster products are 100% conforming with all the latest regulations and easily provide all the answers you need off the shelf.

You can read more about this industry critical update to HB39 at the official Victorian Building Authority page HERE.

Want to Join the Dam Buster Revolution?

Everything we make is uniquely 100% Australian designed, engineered, certified and made in Australia from tough Aussie Bluescope Steel.  We are also 100% Australian owned and operated.  We are actively looking for quality licensees in all States and Territories of Australia to manufacture our world beating products. If you are interested in this amazing opportunity, please Contact Us for more information or visit our Legal page.


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