Technical Downloads

Technical Documents

Key technical documents for all products can be easily downloaded from the links on this page. 

IMPORTANT: All relevant codes applicable to the location of installation must be observed to achieve a compliant outcome. Regulators also may vary in their approach; a specific guide to the requirements in VICTORIA can also be downloaded on the right. 

Dam Buster does not provide any project or design advice and correct usage of our products is entirely the responsibility of the relevant installer/certifier.  If you require project or design advice, please contact a capable and suitably experienced hydraulic engineer. 

Installation Manual

Dam Buster products are revolutionary, fully engineered designs.  Don't guess anything or make assumptions based on experience - check the Installation Manual before you start the project.

Download our Installation Manual

Performance Solution Templates 

These simple templates will walk you though generating a Performance Solution for genuine, fully conforming Dam Buster products. 

National requirements do vary depending on the local regulator, so just click the button below to get access to what you need for each state.

Quick Design Guide

Forget the confusing maze of graphs and formulas in the Australian Standards and handbooks.  The incredibly easy to use Dam Buster Quick Design Guide consolidates all of that into simple form.  It covers issues like calculating flow rates, down pipe sizes, box gutter depths and how to easily select the correct Dam Buster products you need. 

Download our Quick Design Guide

Need More Help with a Dam Buster Performance Solution? 

Our handy guide will walk you though the straight forward process for genuine, fully conforming Dam Buster products. 

Download our Guide to Performance Solutions

Rainhead Overflow Performance Test Certificates

Independent rainhead testing was carried out by the AHSCA Research Foundation (AHSCARF) at the purpose built National Research Drainage Facility at the University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. 

All Dam Buster rainheads are AHSCARF certified products and independent Test Certificates for each size can be downloaded on the right. More information about the AHSCARF can be found at

NB: These certificates show images of rainheads with either round or rectangular secondary front overflows, however all testing conducted by the AHSCARF and referenced in these certificates was carried out with these secondary front overflows fully blocked. The AHSCARF testing also confirmed these additional overflows were not necessary and hence have since been deleted from all later Dam Buster production. The test certificates therefore apply to all Dam Buster rainhead products regardless of series, date of manufacture and/or whether or not they have a secondary front overflow device fitted. 

Need more installation help?

Our technical team is always available if needed!

Dam Buster Education at Work

On 13 April 2022 the Dam Buster team presented to a packed meeting of the Association of Hydraulic Services Consultants Australia (Vic). A copy of the presentation can be downloaded on the right. 

Download our AHSCA Presentation

AHSCA Research Foundation Discussion Papers

Associate Professor Terry Lucke from the AHSCA Research Foundation is one of Australia's leading hydraulic engineers.  On the right are two high level technical papers where he discusses common issues with box gutter designs.

Why Common 1 degree Roof Slopes are Generally a Bad Idea

Dam Buster Technical Manager and Civil Engineer Rowan Gregory argues the compelling case against very low pitched metal roofs. 

Download our Discussion Paper

There's a Trap With Lower Side Wall Slopes on Some Valleys

Dam Buster Technical Manager and Civil Engineer Rowan Gregory discusses the main dangers and how simple mistakes can easily make the job non-compliant. 

Download our Discussion Paper

Drop Down Chutes - A Really Dumb Idea

A so called "Drop Down Chute" aka "Bush Dunny" style sump, has recently started featuring on some new homes. They not only look horrendous but are a complete operational and compliance disaster. 

Download our Fact Sheet

Hipped Truss Solutions using our CSO (Corner Side Outlet) Device

Here's another previously unsolvable problem that Dam Buster's clever engineers have stitched up into a very simple solution. Download details on the right. 

Technical Bulletin # 1 - Non Compliant Sumps

Some common sump configurations are entirely non-compliant. Read more in our Technical Bulletin.

Download Technical Bulletin # 1

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