‚ÄčAuthorised Licensee Manufacturers

Our network of licensees can readily supply genuine, top quality Dam Buster products.

Please directly contact the licensee who best suits your requirements.

SPECIAL NOTE: Many licensees will be closed over the Christmas/New Year break, typically from around 20 December until 8 January 2024, so please submit all orders as early as possible.


Concept Sheetmetal

F1/158 Canterbury Road, Bayswater VIC 3153


Phone: 03 97374777


Steeline Shepparton

60-62 Mitchell Street, Shepparton VIC 3630


Phone: 03 58311935


Steeline Bendigo

6 Harrien Court, Bendigo VIC 3551


Phone: 03 54485240


Metfold Sheetmetal

7 Bubeck Street, Sunbury VIC 3429


Phone: 03 97320148


Rodgers Sheetmetal

13 Hepner Place, North Geelong VIC 3215 


Phone: 03 52722909


Foxco IDM Pty Ltd

6-8 Merchant Avenue, Thomastown VIC 3074


Phone: 03 94640010


Steeline Mildura

730 Benetook Avenue,  Mildura VIC 3500


Phone: 03 5022 1666


Concept Sheetmetal

1 Willsmore Street, Williamstown Nth Vic 3016


Phone: 03 8306 4307


Steeline Albury

111 Union Road, North Albury NSW 2640


Phone: 02 60258799


Steeline Bathurst

49 Hampden Park Road, Kelso NSW 2795


Phone: 02 63323600


Metal Roofing and Building Supplies PL

50 Anderson Rd, Smeaton Grange NSW 2567


Phone: 02 46489100


Steeline Wagga

13 Schiller Street, Wagga Wagga NSW 2650


Phone: 02 69217882

‚ÄčOther Buying Options

Order from any Reece Store

Please contact your local store direct.  

Send Your Order via Dam Buster

We will pass on your order to the most suitable licensee. An Order form can be downloaded below.  Just email the completed form to orders@dambuster.com.au

Interested in a Manufacturing Licence?

We believe absolutely everyone should be able to benefit from the amazing Dam Buster experience and the huge assurance that our revolutionary, quality built, fully engineered and conforming products provide over existing ones in the market.   We want to share these amazing Aussie inventions with the world.  Becoming an authorised licensee manufacturer will begin the journey for you.

Our very simple, zero up front cost and financially remunerative, non-exclusive licencing arrangement will allow any capable manufacturer to very quickly make and sell our products.  Dam Buster products are best suited to businesses who want to diversify their product range or else replace existing non-conforming products with Dam Buster designs, while also getting a huge heads up on their competitors.  

Unlike most other rain goods currently on the Australian and NZ market, all of our products are based on laser cut blanks which are then precision folded and assembled.  The very high accuracy of this process ensures top quality, extremely cost effective and 100% repeatable products are quickly made every single time with no room for production errors.  This process therefore also eliminates the substantial wastage and rework currently associated with many existing manufacturing systems.  Flat pack laser cut blanks take up very little room, meaning they can also be easily shipped and stored in huge numbers ready for quick folding and assembly to customer order; this means no more piles of completed products taking up valuable storage space in the warehouse. 

To ensure our precision standards are met, as a minimum full licensee manufacturers require quality, computer driven folding equipment such as a Press Brake/Step Folder.  Laser cutting may be inhouse or very cost effectively contracted out.  Due to the precision of the base components and folding methods (down to 0.1mm), the final assembly of Dam Buster products is extremely fast and much quicker and far more cost effective than all other existing manual based methods such as Pittsburgh Seaming. With Part A always going precisely into Part B, it also turns the process into a simple one of assembly, allowing your skilled team to work on other tasks instead.  In the end the customer also wins with ease of installation, competitive purchase cost, product quality and a real guarantee of 100% conformance with the codes, which then = amazing storm resilience. 

As a licensee, we would provide you with all of the CAD and any necessary initial technical support, including how to maximise production from your existing equipment and methods.  This means you could be making money from fully licenced Dam Buster products within just a few days and entirely using your own existing equipment. 

Don't have laser and/or specialized folding equipment?  No to worry, because you can still join the Dam Buster team as a partial licensee.  In this situation, and depending on what equipment you already have and what involvement you want, we can arrange the supply of either laser cut blanks, pre folded parts or even fully assembled product which you just resell to your customers.  Easy. 

If you want to join the biggest revolution in roof drainage for centuries, please contact us for more information.  


All Dam Buster products are meticulously designed and manufactured using leading edge, high precision methods right here in Australia.  We also only use Australian metal materials such as Bluescope Steel and original Colorbond.   You can download our warranty below. 



Dam Buster is aware that unfortunately, there are a number of businesses blatantly producing, selling and installing unauthorised, non-conforming and non-compliant, fake copies of Dam Buster products.       


  • Illegal copies DO NOT meet ANY of the conformance requirements in Australia or NZ and are Non-Conforming Building Products under the National Construction Code (NCC).  They also don't comply with AS3500.3:2018, SA-HB39 and HB114. 

  • As a result, illegal copies are PROHIBITED from installation anywhere in Australia and regulators will just defect them on the spot. You also can't use any of our copyright, intellectual property and technical documentation to somehow certify fake copies, or 'reverse engineer' some nonsense Performance Solution to try and legitimize fakes.

PLEASE DON'T BUY THEM: Fakes are a complete financial, reputational, financial and conformance disaster. You can get sued and also fined, plus installers can be disciplined by any state or territory regulator, or even lose their trade licence.  

The hard fact is that any business making and selling infringing copies of Dam Buster products is ripping off their customer as well as Dam Buster.  For the customer, it simply doesn't matter how big the supplier is, or what wonderful service they have given in the past, or what spin they try and put on the fakes - very simply it's all complete BS designed to con the buyer.  Simple as that. We've heard the claims like "They are exactly the same as Dam Buster".  WRONG.  These fake products are absolutely worthless from a compliance perspective and will destroy reputations overnight.  They are nothing but junk.  But some of the people making them just don't care - they only care about getting the sale, counting the cash and leaving the disaster with the hapless plumber or someone else like the builder or home owner. 

Those at risk making, buying, installing or using Fakes include Plumbers, Builders, Developers, Building Surveyors, Architects, Designers and the Product Manufacturers.  If Dam Buster products have been specified on any project, please ensure they are genuine Dam Buster products, not fake copies.  All Dam Buster products carry clear identification and hidden security features which can be tracked; if in doubt call us immediately.  

Special warning for NSW manufacturers and installers regarding fake, non-conforming building products: forthcoming changes to the Building and Construction Legislation Amendment Bill 2022 (NSW) and Building Products (Safety) Act 2017 (NSW) will soon make it a VERY SERIOUS OFFENCE to supply or install any building product which does not conform to the mandatory requirements.  "A person in the chain of responsibility for a building product must ensure non-compliance risk does not exist in relation to the product" (s 8E).  Directors personally, and any managers personally can also be subject to very substantial fines under these new laws.  More here: https://michaelteys.com/article/non-conforming-building-products-its-getting-personal  Very similar Chain of Responsibility laws already exist in Queensland so all makers and installers in that state also have to exercise the same level of care and responsibility. 

From an Intellectual Property perspective, making, selling, using or installing counterfeit products (knowingly or otherwise) is legally considered theft, and therefore is an extremely serious breach of Australian laws. Because these products represent our hard earned Intellectual Property and are not legally permitted to be copied by any scammer, Dam Buster adopts the simple approach that all identified infringements, but especially by those who are well aware of what they are doing ie manufacturers and repeat offenders doing installations, will lead to substantial action, along with potentially very significant financial and legal consequences for both individuals and corporate entities found to have engaged in that infringement. 

REWARDS will potentially be paid for information leading to the successful prosecution of any infringers of our Intellectual Property, but especially those who are manufacturing illegally and simply don't care.  If you have information, please Contact Us 


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