Elbows - Solve Yet Another Previously Unfixable Problem

Working just like a natural river, Dam Buster elbow devices use the free power of gravity to safely change the direction of water in a box gutter by ninety degrees.  This is achieved by an engineered step down in the elbow device. 

This revolutionary new product allows huge flexibility in roof drainage design whereby box gutters can be directed safely around corners and to a more appropriate outlet point.  Even a cascading 'water slide' type outcome can be achieved using multiple elbow devices. 

Both Left and Right hand versions are available, to suit box gutters between 200mm and 600mm wide, but as with all of our products, sizing ultimately depends on the flow rate being dealt with, and the corresponding flow rate at the end outlet.  

NB: A Performance Solution is required for installation certification purposes of Dam Buster elbow devices; that document should be developed by a suitable expert such as a qualified hydraulic engineer, in accordance with the requirements of the National Construction Code. Documentation to assist the development of a Performance Solution can be found here at Technical Downloads

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Watch How the Dam Buster Elbow Works

The unique Dam Buster elbow makes easy and safe work of changing the direction in box gutters.  

Theoretical analysis by Dam Buster’s hydraulics expert, Adjunct Assoc.  Professor Robert Keller, along with physical testing to verify the theory, has firmly established that the energy loss at the bend is less than the energy released by the engineered drop built into the device, and consequently backwatering cannot occur in the box gutter.  The physical testing further confirmed there is significantly more freeboard in the critical locations within the device than is required under the applicable standards, and finally, the additional energy released from the built in drop also enhances self-cleaning of the box gutter. 


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