Dam Buster Makes It Easy

Australian Standards and Roofing Handbooks prohibit change of direction for box gutters - and that's very sensible because a lot of energy is lost turning any corner on the same plane.

Dam Buster change of direction devices work a different way.  They all incorporate an engineered drop down within the device.  That means they can capture the free force of gravity to very safely power the change in direction.  This then also unlocks an incredible range of brand new design options for Architects, Builders, Plumbers and Building Owners.

Extensively tested by some of the best hydraulic engineers in Australia, Dam Buster devices truly revolutionize roof drainage.  They are fast and easy to install, very cost effective, and best of all - work unbelievably well.  

Check out the change of direction problems and simple Dam Buster solutions on the right.   


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