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Interested in a Manufacturing License?

We want to share these amazing Aussie inventions with the world, so we've developed our business based entirely on a licencing model, which gives everyone a fair share.  Becoming an authorised licensee manufacturer will begin the journey for you, allowing you to make and sell genuine Dam Buster products to both your existing, and also entirely new, customers.

Our very simple and financially remunerative, non-exclusive licencing arrangements allow any capable manufacturer to very quickly make and sell our products.  Dam Buster products are best suited to businesses who want to diversify their product range and customer base, or else replace existing non-conforming products with Dam Buster designs.  

Unlike most other rain goods currently on the Australian and NZ market, all of our products are based on laser cut blanks which are then precision folded using a CNC controlled Press Brake, and then assembled.  The incredibly high accuracy of this process ensures top quality, extremely cost effective and 100% repeatable products are quickly made every single time with no room for production errors.  This process further eliminates the substantial wastage and rework currently associated with manually based manufacturing systems.  Flat pack laser cut blanks also take up very little room, meaning they can be easily shipped and stored anywhere in huge numbers ready for quick folding and assembly to customer order at another location; this also means the potential for no more piles of completed products taking up valuable storage space in the warehouse. 

Due to the precision of the cut components and folding methods, the final assembly of Dam Buster products is extremely fast and much quicker and far more cost effective than all other existing manual based methods typically used in the industry such as Clinchers or Pittsburgh Seaming.  Most conventional methods also cannot put silicone within the product seams - which is another legal requirement for compliance under AS/NZS3500.3, hence all Dam Buster products are fully seam sealed with silicone during assembly.  With Part A always going exactly into Part B, and even the rivet holes lining up exactly in every piece, it turns the actual process into a simple one of assembly by staff who require only minimal training.  In the end the customer also wins with ease of installation, competitive purchase cost, product quality and a real guarantee of conformance with the codes. 

Dam Buster licensees are provided with all of the CAD (in SolidWorks) and any necessary initial technical support, including advice about how to maximise production from their existing equipment and methods.  All of our designs and products are fully manufacturing tested and market proven, so you can rely on the CAD 100%.  This means you could be making money from fully licenced Dam Buster products from Day 1, entirely using your own existing equipment. 

Don't have laser and/or specialized folding equipment?  No to worry, because you can still join the Dam Buster team.  In this situation, and depending on what equipment you already have and what involvement you want, there are a range of options still available. 

If you want to join the biggest revolution in roof drainage for centuries, please contact us for more information.  

Intellectual Property

Please respect our Intellectual Property.  We've worked very hard to develop and test our innovative products, which are also comprehensively protected by extensive Australian and International Patents, and Trade Marks.  Dam Buster therefore takes a zero tolerance approach to unauthorised copies of our products being made, sold, purchased, installed or used by anybody. 

Making, selling, using and/or installing Dam Buster fakes - whether you know about it or not, exposes everyone involved to the potential for substantial legal action against them, which almost certainly won't be covered by any standard business insurance and can also easily leave owners and directors of companies personally liable. 

Apart from this, Regulators, Building Surveyors, Inspectors and Forensic Plumbing experts will all defect fakes because they don't meet the mandatory conformance requirements of the National Construction Code (NCC).  Fakes also come with no supporting technical documentation, plus you also can't use any of our copyrighted Dam Buster technical information or other Intellectual Property to support a fake product. 

If you are a manufacturer and someone approaches you asking to copy our products, please get in touch with us immediately, because our simple licencing arrangement (see more information on this page) can enable you to manufacture them yourself very easily and legally.  

If you are a buyer such as a plumber or builder, make sure you avoid being left holding the baby with a fake product and having to redo the work at your own substantial cost and also being made to answer to a regulator such as the VBA. 

You can easily avoid any problems by ensuring you are buying the real deal from one of our authorised suppliers.  All genuine Dam Buster products can also be traced and carry a range of security features, so if you are ever in doubt, please Contact Us Immediately.

If you've already purchased fakes, you should return them, demand your money back and never buy from that business again.  


Just ask to see the MANUFACTURER's National Construction Code (NCC) documentary EVIDENCE OF SUITABILITY.  This should be a significant document, explaining and proving beyond doubt how that makers product has been tested and fully complies with all  NCC requirements.  For fake copies of Dam Buster products, it simply won't exist and your buying decision should end right there.  Dam Buster's Evidence of Suitability can of course be downloaded any time from the Technical Downloads Page.

If someone also tries to hand (or even worse, sell) you a Performance Solution from some supposed expert instead, claiming this will somehow solve the problem another way, that's also not acceptable as Evidence of Suitability under the NCC because (for pretty obvious reasons) all fake copies of building products are prohibited nation wide.  See for more information.  The fact also is that no Performance Solution, no matter who its from, can ever provide authority for a breach of someone's Intellectual Property either. 

Anybody who tries to con you with any of this is trying to rip you off at every level and certainly does not care about you, your licence or your reputation.  They also obviously don't care about Dam Buster and all the time, money and hard work we have put into developing the products either.  These people do not deserve your business and should be shunned by all reputable purchasers. 

Reports of any potential infringements of our Intellectual Property are encouraged, will be immediately acted upon by our capable team, and may also attract a financial reward if the information is confirmed by independent investigation.  

If you suspect the roof drainage products you have been offered are not genuine Dam Buster products but look like them, please contact us immediately - confidentiality is assured. All genuine Dam Buster products are traceable and carry a range of hidden security features.  We can also easily confirm for you whether or not any product or seller is genuine or not. 

Any queries or details about Intellectual Property issues should be emailed to

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