All Dam Buster products are engineered around maximum flow rates, not dimensions.  That means you can select, buy and install all of our products with absolute confidence. 

Please follow the methods in AS/NZS3500.3 to determine the flow rates and what size box gutter and down pipes you want to use, then select the appropriate Dam Buster products based on flow rate, or otherwise Contact Us.  

Don't forget that bigger is not necessarily better and bigger also costs a lot more to build. If you are not sure, speak to your Hydraulic Engineer for more information. 

Engineer test certificates with more technical information on the Dam Buster range can be downloaded below. 

If for any reason you still need help with correct product selection, please get in touch with our technical gurus via the Contact & Warranty page or else direct by email to  

If you are in the design phase for your new home or project, working with your Architect or Designer we can also refer you to an engineering service who will ensure your roof plumbing installation will be 100% compliant.  

Phone inquiries can be made to Russell on 0409 716974 or David on 0433 486333 in normal business hours for Victoria.


Watch the video to see how easy and quick it is to install a Dam Buster rain head. 

NOTE: All Dam Buster products need to be installed by an appropriately licenced person such as a Roof Plumber.  Check your local regulations if unsure. 


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