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Dam Buster is aware that unfortunately, there are a number of businesses producing, selling and installing unauthorised copies of Dam Buster products.  

This is THEFT and a very serious breach of Australian Intellectual Property Laws.  

A number of parties including sheet metal manufacturers, plumbers and builders have already been specifically identified as responsible.    

If you are reading this message and you have already copied, supplied or installed our products, we urge you to think about your actions and URGENTLY Contact Us before our lawyers contact you.  It's not worth losing your business and possibly much more over this. 

If you have been offered counterfeit Dam Buster products by someone, you should refuse to purchase them.  Every single counterfeit product purchased is direct theft from Dam Buster and also a slap in the face for Australian innovation and design during what are already tough times for everybody with COVID 19.  

Anybody being asked to manufacture or design counterfeit Dam Buster products on behalf of another party should also refuse.  If any manufacturer or designer goes ahead anyway, the financial threat of an Intellectual Property prosecution is just the same for them as for the person who asks to have the products made.  It is absolutely not worth the risk, so please just don't do it.  

REWARDS will also be paid for information leading to the identification and successful prosecution of any infringers of our Intellectual Property.  If you have information, please Contact Us

Anyone interested in legitimately manufacturing or dealing with our amazing Dam Buster products under LICENCE or by some other agreed arrangement should of course simply Contact Us


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