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Manufacturing Licence

We believe absolutely everyone should be able to benefit from the amazing Dam Buster experience and the huge assurance that our quality built, fully engineered products provide.   We want to share these amazing Aussie inventions with the world. Our simple and financially remunerative, non-exclusive licencing arrangements will allow any capable manufacturer to make and sell our products.  Dam Buster products are best suited to businesses who already have the capacity to fully fabricate in house, but want to diversify their product range or else replace existing non-conforming product with Dam Buster designs.

To ensure our precision standards are met, manufacturing requires either a suitable modern laser cutter or turret punch, in addition to high precision automated folding equipment and a fast assembly process where quality products are produced every single time.  We would provide you with all of the CAD and any necessary initial technical support.  This means you could be making money from Dam Buster products within just a few days. 

If you want to join the biggest revolution in roof drainage for centuries, please contact us for more information.  


All Dam Buster products are meticulously designed and manufactured using leading edge, high precision methods right here in Australia.  We also only use Australian metal materials such as Bluescope Steel and original Colorbond. 



Dam Buster is aware that unfortunately, there are a number of businesses producing, selling and installing unauthorised copies of Dam Buster products.  

These unauthorised copies are not approved or certified in any way by Dam Buster.  They have also not been tested, nor are they certified as compliant with Australian Codes including AS3500.3:2018 and the National Construction Code.  Building Surveyors should be particularly alert to make sure that any product being installed is a genuine Dam Buster product, not a copy.  Fakes come with no Evidence of Suitability, nor any proof of compliance and could risk building certification, in addition to very serious legal and insurance repercussions. 

Various sheet metal manufacturers, plumbers and builders have already been specifically identified as responsible for these fakes and will be contacted by our lawyers very soon.  Making, selling or installing counterfeit products is theft, and a very serious breach of Australian Intellectual Property laws. 

REWARDS will potentially be paid for information leading to the identification and successful prosecution of any infringers of our Intellectual Property.  If you have information, please Contact Us


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